My T-shirts from Mountain-Me : it is better to give a t-shirt as a gift to someone,

because when you wear it, you can not see it. But these I gave to myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I still have to find 1 t-shirt from Kinkade.

temporary collage:

Bought this shirt 5 years ago, I was a bit smaller then; bought in a shop with little choice in shirts 5 years old 5 years old
sacred passage , designer unknown

no image found yet on mountain-me,

artist unknown

no image found yet on mountain-me,

artist unknown

mee afgescheept blue dragon
5 years old

it was put off by a dealer, with this one. So I never order again with them. I ordered a totally different one.

At this moment I now, I have a reliable dealer:


still not found on mountain-me

no image not found on mountain-me,

artist unknown or I supect Jerry Lofaro

vincent Hie
  breakthrough shark werewolf moon
In this t-shirt I got married. Yes!!! Not in white.

I wanted something colorful. I have to find it, it lies somewhere in my house. I will take a picture later

My latest shirt. I saw it and fell in love with it. My husband and me are wearing one

not found on the site of mountain

I suspect the artist is Tami Alba.

Everet's cottage by Thomas Kinkade

Puzzels by kinkade

Breakthrough Skull by David Penfound
    I do have more T-shirts from mountain-me and from other companies . Mostly skull t-shirts. Printed on the front AND back. with different prints.