Work ever performed on the following ships and sailed on:
opleidingsschip Margriet opleidingsschip Margiet 1/2 weeks on this pukevessel, to Southhampton

different name now


diloma diloma al gesloopt

A half years working at Shell, travelling , to Hamburg, Scotland,Rotterdam, Italy, Sirië

Mediterranean and to and fro

A black tanker products, petroleum



Felipes: felipes al gesloopt

Worked on a half year, traveled to

Singapore (7*), Djakarta, Japan, Formosa, Colombia

A withe producttanker



Two weeks on a tanker Theodora asphalt tanker, with had a warm deck you could feel the warmth of the deck through the sole of your shoe.

I was sick and tired of this barge. Was to keep up my experience

current state :


Blauwe Tulp van de White Star Shipping & Trading Co. B.V., St. Maarten/NA

have not found a picture herre the red tulip idem blauwe tulp

I was a child at that time.

sunk because the charge slided?

2 opvarenden overleden

we were at that time no longer on board (my parents and I)
Helderline/Shell people search board (Shell) Helderline/shell on Flickr with many ships    
webcams different waterways various ports    
webcam Flushing Boulevard      
webcam PanamaCanal      

Marine very good

all shipping companies        
galley talk Maritime Schools / reunions      
all ships and harbours        
sample rolls        
maritime history



After that other work:

I worked at archaeological excavation and this work was not like this helaas geen schedels tegengekomen but like this iets minder ruig hoor.

sticking pots out of a bunch of shells a not to good photograhp:

frescoes cleaning : these I have cleaned during the winter with a scalpelknife loose in my hand


As a student assistant working with a veterinarian:was ik niet geschikt voor was nothing for me

I worked in the electronics: at Digital

Permanent job at KPN Telecom, and then XXXX(NOT WORTH TO MENTION): projecting drawings of telecommunicationsplans